Who’s Who and Who Does What


In an effort to clarify the roles of our staff members, here is some helpful information about the folks you might be interacting with during the school year.

Assistant Director – Carol Menck Keefe is responsible for SVCS instructional quality, curricular integrity, alignment with our Village School Approach, behavior intervention, and teacher supervision.  She is also an initial contact for Title I and SPED decisions relating to curriculum.

Director – Matora Fiorey is responsible for school policy decisions, finances, the physical plant, before/aftercare, and enrollment, and serves as the liaison between the SVCS Board and the school.  She is ultimately responsible for the entire school so is informed about all aspects.

Office Manager – Nicole Conroy is responsible for information flow from parents to office and vice versa.  She keeps track of attendance, pizza money, Friday Folders, all school field trips, and the list goes on and on.  She also does some nursing duties and custodial duties.  Nicole does the majority of our ordering and compiles billing information for our paid programming.


Special Education Liaison/Consulting Child Psychologist – Barbara Bryce is responsible for coordinating Special Education services with local districts and serves as a consulting psychologist on those teams.

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