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Keene State College, Keene, NH

N.H. HQT Certification in Social Studies

We are pleased to announce that we have hired our very own Sarah Gray as our 3rd/4th grade teacher.  In addition to working with Anne, Sarah has had a variety of long-term sub positions that have prepared her for having her own classroom.


Back to School Shopping List:  2018-2019

Here are some things that your kiddos will need for this coming school year:
  • a three-subject spiral notebook
  • a pencil pouch (please go for a soft one rather than the hard boxes, just for space conservation)
  • a journal (no smaller than 5x7")
  • a green 1" binder (for math work)
  • a blue 1" binder (for all other work)
  • a set of at least 6 dividers
  • 3-hole punched graph paper (for math binder)
  • two two-pocket folders 
        *Optional things to consider: pencils, glue sticks, colored pencils, personal scissors, small pencil sharpeners that fit in pouches
Wish List for 3/4 
~Ticonderoga pencils 
~bright expo markers (2-3 packs)
~table wipes
~expo erasers  (2 or 3)
~glue sticks
~melty beads (regular and mini)
~Sculpey clay 
~white glue (2 or 3)
~watercolor paint trays (3 or 4)
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